Fast Encrypted File Search

Want to store your files encrypted on IPFS and search for them? We’ve implemented client-side search in Peergos. It’s remarkably fast, whilst not leaking anything to the server (or IPFS).

Read more and check it out here:

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Whassup Ian. I know your peergos is written in Java. I can’t remember if you have ActivityPub support (Fediverse) in it or not? Just letting you know, I just last week finished getting a subset of ActivityPub working (sending messages, following users, etc) in the Quanta platform, which I think is similar to your own platform in some ways.

Feel free to plunder my codebase on github, and we can figure out how much cash you owe me for it after your next round of venture capital funding goes thru. :slight_smile:

Hi Clay! Thanks for the suggestion. We’re actively avoiding ActivityPub because it has terrible privacy properties, requires trusting servers, and also relies on DNS and the TLS certificate authorities for security and routing.

Right, the only “security” available in ActivityPub (afaik) is in the form of an RSA digital signature that can be used to prove that the message did originate from where it claims to originate, but everything is clear text (non-encrypted) afaik.

My assumption was to go where the people are (Network Effect) and at least get my Java Implementation working, so that Quanta can be “On the Fediverse” and then eventually help push for an E2E Encryption update to the AP protocol, which would be almost trivial to implement on top of the existing spec.

Quanta does have “E2E Encryption” itself, just not over the Fediverse (yet). The biggest barrier to entry most developers have about ActivityPub is the lack of enough clear examples, example use cases, and scenarios, so even though the docs are 90% good, that last 10% is impossible to “just guess”. I ended up having to learn Ruby in order to setup my own Mastodon instance and reverse engineer it to fill in the knowledge gaps that are missing from the docs, blogs, etc.

Yep. We deeply believe that privacy can’t be added on retrospectively to a system, it needs to be designed-in to all components from the very beginning. The reason is that privacy is very similar to security, all it takes is a single weak point, and the entire system is broken.

We care about protecting things that aren’t even a consideration in activitypub, especially around metadata. Things like the social graph. A therapist would not want their social graph exposed because it would expose who all their patients are for example.