Star, decentralised chat on IPFS

Hi guys, I’m sorry if you saw me on reddit, but here you’ll see only a duplicate of that post, sorrryyy, i can’t come up with more words to explain it o(╥﹏╥)o

This adds a little bit more privacy to ipfs ecosystem.
i hope!

and I’ll work on it!

p.s. just want to say that it all started with an excellent article by discordian

Last days i’ve been working on encrypted chat on pubsub. It is really great time i’m having working on it

Want to share it with you. It is electron app, where I spawn go-ipfs node and connect to it as to remote server

You can read a bit more techy readme here

I know there are a lot encrypted chats out there, but i still feel a need working on it ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

This one is unique in its kind. You can check how many features I have in my readme or my roadmap. I will be happy to here any of your thoughts tbh, so please don’t be shy

It should be beginner-friendly, because i am a beginner •ᴗ•

I would love to have any suggestions on encryption part, because rn I only use ecies for encryption! And it is ```secp256k1`` if you were curious ^~^

This is also kinda a path for me to learn more about ipfs, math, cryptography, internet and that’s cool

Again, if you have time, consider taking a look at it, maybe you’ll like it? i hope so! any suggestions are very valuable to me

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Cool project for a beginner.

Do you plan on having many channels? If so, how is the user going to discover new one?

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Thank you

Ofc I’m trying to think about all cool features that chat could have, but they are not my main purpose atm

Only out of curiosity I want to make it as private as possible with ipfs :upside_down_face:

Right now I am reading articles about why ipfs isn’t private
I think maybe I’ll write an extension which will not put personal info on DHT (i think this is the main concern, yes?), don’t know yet what else should be done

recently discovered what is NAT and why ipv4 is making life harder a bit, and am not sure yet, but i think it also can be a problem

honestly i’m just excited how big this field is

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