Give Discord to the community!

It would be really nice and beneficial.

What would be beneficial about using a closed-source (and difficult to archive) platform like Discord for the IPFS community? Besides being run by a company that is still trying to figure out how to make money (which makes them somewhat unpredictable), use of their site now comes with an arbitration clause.

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If you want real-time chat, we have an IRC channel at #ipfs on freenode. This can also be accessed through, e.g., Matrix ( if you want a slightly more modern experience.


@stebalien @leerspace
Discord is easy to use and manage. Bunch of projects you can find there, lot of groups using it so it would be convenient for me and many others for sure instead of these cold naked IRC’s. You can reach a wide range of people there which must be very useful for feedbacks etc.
Have it open as an option would not hurt anyone but gather more people to the space.

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Unfortunately, it would just (further) splinter the community. Existing community members are unlikely to use both Discourse and IRC (really, most are unlikely to switch at all for philosophical reasons).

Basically, adding more communication channels never improves communication (we already have way to many).


Discussion on using a matrix bridge to interop with discord.

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@stebalien The IRC channel is moderated and only allows those with voice or op to talk. How is this beneficial?

@pubswap IIRC, you have to register your nick with nickserv to talk. That restriction has significantly cut down on spammers.

Is that not the case? Were you unable to talk anyways?

Registering with Nickserv did the job, thanks!