Is there a Telegram chat group for IPFS?

Is there anyone who has ever made, or at least, is interested in participating in a Telegram chat group to discuss IPFS?

Not sure if it has any any significant advantage over Freenode, but IPFS has a sub on Reddit, too, after all…

Use of closed and proprietary solutions such as Slack (or Telegram) was discussed in ipfs/community’s issue #57.

Community consensus is to stay on IRC until IPFS-based alternative is developed and mature enough.
If you are looking for IRC client that feels like Telegram/Slack, give a try.

As a rule of thumb, we want to use free and open source solutions instead of proprietary ones (where possible). This very forum (based on open source Discourse engine) aims to replace proprietary Google Group and Reddit and provides single place for asynchronous communication.

Hope this helps.


In case you guys haven’t seen it yet, we’re building a framework for people to create free and open source Discord/Telegram/Signal/Facebook/Twitter/etc alternatives for IPFS on and help is always needed and wanted =) Don’t hesitate to share it with people who might want to help, our main library quest-os-js is a NodeJS library and can also be used in react apps and other environments. I’m currently working with @reload to make it available for pygt apps (Python) as well.