Files uploaded are not persistent with /files/write, even with flush=true?

Just curious if I did anything wrong. I use http API (/files/mkdir, /files/write) to create folders and upload files. But after restarting the ipfs daemon, folders and files are gone, even with flush=true.

is MFS not persistent ? What’s the purpose of MFS ?

what’s the proper command I should use to upload files, /add ?

many thank

Are you pinning that content? Unless you pin content it will not persist and will be garbage collected. Although I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure a daemon restart will garbage collect. BTW flush=true is probably not what you want since that’s most likely flushing (getting rid of) data during restarts, I would try flush=false if everything else fails.

thank you postables.

No, I did not realize that I need to ‘pin’ it. I will give it a try.

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