First Humanode Tests - a public permissionless network of biometrically encrytped human nodes running Merkle-CRDT cluster on IPFS

Hi, IPFS, community, was not writing to you here until we’ve reached the stage of the first tests.

We are building Humanode - a public permissionless network based on private biometrically encrypted nodes (or replicas). Using the solutions that provide fully homomorphically encrypted feature vectors for biometric processing and Merkle-CRDT (Conflict free -Replicated-Data-Type) mechanism, people will be able to deploy replicas and become human nodes that verify transactions thus creating a public permissionless financial system based on consensus between equal human nodes with rule-based monetary policy targeting real value growth and proportional emission.

The main goal of Humanode is to create a stable and just financial system that relies on the existence of human life itself.
Humanode combines different technological stacks to achieve decentralized, secure, scalable, efficient, consistent, immutable, and sustainable financial system:
• Private biometrics with homomorphically encrypted feature vector that ensure privacy of users
• Merkle-CRDT mechanism instead of blockchain that delivers consistency and immutability of transactions
• Inter-Planetary-File-System (IPFS) as an environment for computations and storage
• Vortex as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that governs the system.
• Fath as a monetary policy and algorithm targeting real value growth and proportional emission.
Modern decentralized verification systems rely on a concept of material obligations in case of malicious activity. Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain systems blacklist mining equipment, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) slashes tokens. The Humanode network will prevent malicious activity by blacklisting biometric data. Meaning that users encrypted biometric identity becomes the stake.

I have given a 10-minute talk on the latest IPFS meet-up on why and how.

And of course, this requires a large WP:

Join our tests: Telegram: Contact @humanodes

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