For-development version/mode?

Does IPFS have a for-development version/mode, like testrpc/ganache is for Ethereum? I don’t want to send files to the network during testing of my application if it’s not necessary.


maybe that can be help you &


So does bootstrap rm all puts you in private mode for testing, bootstrap add --default takes you back out? How can swarm help?

Hi @willnwhite,

The ipfs daemon has an offline mode: ipfs daemon --offline where it won’t connect to the network but can be used locally via API.

Is that what you are looking for?



Thanks @kevina, that’s it!

Another handy shortcut is to initialize your ipfs repository with --profile=test. It’ll make the daemon not have any entries in the bootstrap list, have random ports when starting and other goodies that are useful for testing and dev.

ipfs init --profile=test

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