Swarm key support for js-ipfs

Is there any preliminary support for the Swarm Key experimental feature in IPFS?

I’ve been having some difficulty trying to bridge the gap between my IPFS daemon in the IPTB shell and my node.js IPFS client. I’d like to try using a Swarm Key as an alternative.

Currently we don’t support private networks in js-ipfs, and in go-ipfs it’s a very experimental feature so far. We might wait a bit for both the API and implementation to stabilize before we try to implement it in js-land.

However, I’m unsure of what you mean with “trying to bridge the gap” between your different nodes, what do you mean exactly? The swarm key is only used for setting up private networks. If you have public data but want less connections, you could always remove the bootstrap nodes and connect directly. That way, you’d only have a connection between your nodes, and that would be the full swam for you.

Got it. It looks like removing the bootstrap nodes will get me into the development environment I’d trying to setup.

On the javascript side of things, do I need to pass any config options to prevent js-ipfs from bootstrapping?