Js-ipfs connect to my own network

Hello!) Is there any possibility to connect by js-ipfs CLI to my own network?
I believe there is a similar question will js-ipfs support private network feature as go-ipfs did (via swarm.key) ? · Issue #1630 · ipfs/js-ipfs · GitHub.
Sorry if my question looks not good) I’m new in this area)

Hi @vasiliystukalo !

@jacobheun shipped private-networks in js-ipfs back 2018, so pretty sure it is there. Let me ping him to share a tutorial/example with you

You can configure js-ipfs to leverage a pre shared key. It doesn’t currently read a swarm.key file from the repo like go-ipfs but you can take a look at the js-libp2p example, js-libp2p/examples/pnet at master · libp2p/js-libp2p · GitHub, for how to configure your libp2p node. You can couple that with the ability to customize libp2p within js-ipfs, js-ipfs-examples/examples/custom-libp2p at master · ipfs-examples/js-ipfs-examples · GitHub, to enable the pre shared key protector.

Thank you for your time and good answer!
Do you plan to include such a possibility in future releases?
(if yes could you pls say the approximate date?)