Full node on Smartphone?

Hi there, I am looking for a smartphone app where I can have a full node running, and where I can pin different CIDs locally on the phone. I´ve been trying out many different methods and apps, that claimed to be a working as full nodes but nothing worked for me. Is there any way I can have full node running on my phone? It doesn’t matter if it’s Android or iOS and if I need to install a different OS on the phone.

I really appreciate any help I can get!

Thank you.

Network access for phones is complicated I heard but I think it’s being worked on.

I’ll let more knowledgeable people explain why.

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maybe berty


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It seems to be working, thank you! Unfortunately, I don’t have the knowledge to completely understand what going on here. My files are being pinned via WebUI, but I have no peer ID, which means that I can’t check whether I have really pinned it locally on my phone or not. Am I missing something or is it really pinned locally?
Thank you in advance!

i’m not experienced in mobile dev and more in collecting - but you could ask detailed questions in the specific repository - i.e. for asking for the peer id from berty labs ⇒ Issues · berty/labs · GitHub

i yesterday sawed another interesting project - and it seems more active than berty:
iroh looks promising

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Thank you very much!