Getting a 405 - method not allowed error in the latest go-ipfs docker image

I’m working on a project that uses the go-ipfs docker image (thanks for maintaining it so regularly!). I recently pulled the most recently pushed image and started getting 405 http errors in my calls to the api port.

I’ve pinned the image back down to ipfs/go-ipfs:master-2020-03-13-6774106 and I’m back up and running, since that was the last image I pulled before this one.

I’m posting because my first thought was to log a github bug with the exact error log I was seeing but I figured I’d ask what I should do here first.

Hi, use POST for your all your API requests, not GET.

Also, we don’t maintain the docker image per se, it is built directly from master. You probably want to depend on ipfs/go-ipfs:release which gives you the latest stable.