Getting an opinion on decentralized auth methods/projects

There are quite a few projects which work on DIDs. Each of them requires you to do one of the below things. The aim here is to ask you, what is the convenience order(more convenient is greater than less convenient) for you using these methods?

Note: Consider you are using the dapp as a webapp.

A: Downloading a web extension(for web-apps); Like metamask
B: Downloading a mobile app. Like UPort
C: Email-Pass; Like Keybase

My convenience order is: C>A>B

What’s your order?


B: feels more secure (I wrote “feels”)
C: feels more “quicky” when bored because “it just doesn’t work”
A: doesn’t feel “portable”, “cross compatible”, “secure” (eg. “it does require you to trust your browser provider”)

as I wrote: in my honest (personnal) opinion

PS: would be interested to know more about your researches about DID effective implementations, as I didn’t had time for a while to check the “state of the art” of the subject.

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Hi @CocoonCrash.

Sorry for the late reply.
I have been wandering around in the DID space for a while and worked with @satazor on pm-idm.

It aims to build a DID agnostic standard for building an ecosystem of users and services(dapps using DID for auth).

You can check it out, but it has been inactive since July’19. But they do have a good reference spec and concept doc.