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Browsers 3000 (opens new window) is a five-week hackathon by Protocol Labs focused on decentralized solutions being built for the future of the Web3 browser. Below is a summary of a talk from Daniel Buchner, a member of the team developing ION. View the full talk here (opens new window).

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Can ION be used for user account creation on a user-contributed website (e.g. Twitter, Youtube, Facebook)?

Such that a user can have a streamlined account creation on the website using their DID, and also control which aspects of their identity are shared?

Immutability is great, but isn’t crypto supposed to ensure privacy?

“DID would force all apps to operate from the same base data to ensure there isn’t any room for mistakes.” and no room for forgetting or forgiveness?

I use different accounts for different reasons not only personal vs. business. Would not DID make this impossible? For example, if you open two separate Gmail accounts, Google will combine them without your permission. With genuine DID, my financial and intellectual property will have security, but I can still risk it all if I step over the line, whilst experimenting with non-self identities or just having fun. It will be so complicated having to build applications on-top-of the underlying protocols to attempt anonymity.

It’s a bit of marketing speak. You can still have several unrelated accounts/keys on DID. It is mostly the set of standards about how information is stored and inter-operates that makes the difference.