SIngle Sign On in IPFS-JS

HI can someone help me out as I am thinking of Implementing a Single Sign On Service using IPFS as the authorization server (I am thinking of this as like Google SSO or facebook SSO in which using Facebook/Google accounts you can sign up for services on different websites.However as you all know it has
its own so many potential drawbacks and how it favors the SSO providers so I was thinking why not a Decentralizes SSO using IPFS.
The problem is I am not an expert in JavaScript/Node hence I am finding it difficult to get started.
Someone interested in helping/collaborating please ping me
Thanks and Regards

If I understand you, you want to rely on ipfs (rather than google) to ensure the client your app is talking to is who he pretends to be.
You probably want your user to present you a token signed with a key you trust, something like jwt.

If im not mistaken, identity in ipfs is guaranteed by cryptography - only the owner of the corresponding private key can sign content that you can check against a given public key.

I recently posted a comment in another thread concerning the decentralized identity effort carried on by Using this scheme, you have your client generate a key pair and post a did document under the ipns namespace of their key.
When they want to make a request to your app, they include their did id (did:ipid:) in the jwt id field, and sign it with their key. To check the token, your server fetch the did document (published under /ipns/), decide whether the user should be authorized or not, and if it is, check that the token is signed with the published public key.