Global DNS replacement / mirror with IPFS?


This more hypothetical question, but by nature IPFS is p2p network and if we make “permanent public web 3.0” - what is stopping us from having Internet 3.0 ?

I am still trying to wrap my head around basic concepts, so please correct me if I am wrong,
but - we could have new DNS mirror based on IPFS - no?

I know there is several top level DNS servers that ideally should be in non-profit organizations hands as “in service of all humanity”. Top level domains are mostly owned and supervised by governments - and sometimes big companies. Anybody can buy 2nd and 3rd level DNS domain.

If we omit conspiracy theories - ie. one of big governments trying to wrestle control over top DNS servers - and let’s say we could have (with very low probability - I hope) apocalyptic scenario when top DNS servers goes down … what then?

Can we use IPFS to mirror DNS ?
Can we give domain owners same power in IPFS name space? ie. so somebody can not pretend to publish content from my domain?

Could have IPFS WHOIS to get information for known domains?

Also can we ensure that like with DNSSEC bots and malicious people can NOT scan entire domain name tree?

I know this is probably wild, but just got me thinking and I was curious to know what you think.

Thanks for reading.

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I’ve dreamt about it for a long time, but I never took the time to look into it.
I think a first implementation would be an experimental plugin which connect to pubsub channels and subchannels for domains, or a parrallel DHT which keys are hash of the requested domain.
In both cases, the peers will have to gather signed records from the DNS to show other peers that it’s valid. I don’t know if this is possible or not.

Try taking a look at ENS and Unstoppable Domains

Would kind of defeat the cool stuff about IPFS. I see it like this: When people can hog resource links, you’re centralizing the architecture in these places.

What you said is theoretically possible though, but when you have resources that are being requested by billions of people, receiving spam, etc the GossipSub 1.1 implementation reaches its limitations.

We considered using it for to make it more user-friendly but it fails in tests with too many requests. Eventually we will just link a traditional domain to Cloudflare and for people who don’t agree with trusting Cloudflare, they just have to wrap their minds around resource based names, keys and hashes like any crypto currency user does.