IPFS/IPNS new naming system proposal

Hallo everybody!

As we all know, IPNS is good but it has some issues and so does ENS for some. I am writing a paper that is proposing a new naming system for IPFS that could address these issues. However, I need some help thinking through a few bits so I am looking to see if anyone is interested in collaborating on it. Let me know. I need folks familiar with IPFS, IPNS, DNS, and blockchains.

I think here is a good place. :slight_smile:
What are the problem with IPNS and/or ENS you are trying to solve ?

A few problems:

  • IPNS has some performance issues (can be very slow)

  • ENS is better but it’s not anonymous since you have to buy the domain and use some kind of “registar”. It can also be hard for folks not familiar with crypto to get on board and the “good” names will be hoarded like they did with DNS and sold at a high price.

My proposal will keep anonymity and potentially address these issues.

You mentioning the “good” nmaes maje me think users will be able to chose their name. One way or another, some users will end up with good names, and others won’t. Historically, the regulation was via:

  • first come first served
  • first come first served, then secondary market (DNS, ENS, namecoin, etc)
  • first come first served, with exceptions decided by a central authority (Unstoppable Domains,…)
  • Ask to a central authority

Since you mentioned blockchain, we can imagine:

  • submitions are on hold for a certain time. If there are several applications for a same domain, let the network vote. (Careful with sybil)
  • the same, with votes weighted by Stake
  • the same, and PoW to decide who wins
  • names assigned randomly
  • domains correspond to legacy https website, you need to prove ownership to claim the equivalent onchain (like for getting a certificate from Let’s Encrypt)
  • probably some other solutions

In any case, I’m curious to see how you solve having 2 entities requesting “cat.com”.

Yes, it’s a pretty simple and obvious system. Names are not chosen or allowed to be transfered. Names are awarded only to participating nodes. However, this system can be used in parallel to other existing ones like DNS and ENS. The blockchain is used to keep track of the domains and it does require some PoW to get the award and keep it (although it’s very minimal).

The idea is not to replace DNS or ENS but to complement them. Hopefully, it will allow people to have human readable and memorable “domains” without having to use a central authority. Also, allowing anyone to participate and get a “domain” without having to pay and keep their identity as private as possible.

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It looks like https://www.handshake.org offers a similar concept.

Not exactly, handshake still requires coins (money) and a marketplace to buy them. The system I am proposing would do away with that entirely. No money or coins are needed at all and names are not intended to be transferable so they don’t create any real monitary value. Granted the names might not be great for branding or vanity but are useful because they are easily human readable/memorable.