Proposal: emerDNS integration

I am Oleg Khovayko, Emercoin CTO.
I created emerDNS (blockchain-based decentralized DNS), and this system in service since 2014.
Recently, I successfully tested the integration of your “dnslink” feature and emerDNS and saw that this collaboration works perfectly and seamlessly.

My experiment was following:

  1. Within emerDNS I created the name “dns:ipfs-docs.emc”, referred to your doc-page “TXT=dnslink=/ipfs/bafybeieenxnjdjm7vbr5zdwemaun4sw4iy7h4imlvvl433q6gzjg6awdpq”
  2. Just opened this site in the Mozilla, with the plugin “IPFS Companion” and “ipfs daemon” active. See this screenshot:

No any additional coding, etc. Just a single preliminary step - integration emerDNS into your DNS tree. If you are already using the OpenNIC DNS resolver, and have an active IPFS - you can just click the link: http://ipfs-docs.emc , and instantly get access to your documents!

Of course, if needed, I can transfer this name I registered to the IPFS team.

I propose for IPFS to start using emerDNS as a “ready to go” decentralized blockchain domain system, and support this feature “officially” by your project. If you will resolve emerDNS on your gateway “”, then emerDNS dnslinks will work for entire your network!

I would be happy to help you adopt this technology in your project (of course, pro bona). Also, I can help adopt you our other technologies, for example - emerSSL, emerSSH, ENUMER, etc.

More about emerDNS: Community Documentation: EmerDNS introduction


hello Oleg, Alex is working on it
tg @privatenesstalk