Proposal/Request: Resolve emerDNS in IPFS gateways


Several months ago I performed successful experiments to use emerDNS links for IPFS, according your standard DNSLINK. As experiment results, I wrote proposal to integrate emerDNS into IPFS ecosystem.

This time system has limited world adoption, and efficiently used with a gateway, where is running emerDNS resolver, see the screenshot. Record in the emerDNS for this DNSLINK:

Major problem of adoption this efficient DNSLINK platform – IPFS gateways unable resolve emerDNS, and prints message like:

ipfs resolve -r /ipns/ipfs.bible4u.lib/: could not resolve name: “ipfs.bible4u.lib” is missing a DNSLink record (DNSLink | IPFS Docs)

I would like request to Gateway owners add resolving emerDNS into your gateways. If you will do this, you will allow customers to create DNSLINK records for less than $0.01.

For gateway owners, you need to do minimal setup, either of 3:

  • Use OpenNIC servers as your DNS resolvers.
  • Forward requests for emerDNS zones (.coin .lib .bazar .emc) to the public emerDNS gateways seed1.emercoin,com and
  • Setup local resolver: Run emer node on your server, and forward DNS requests to that zone. See the doc, how to do this.

I would be happy assist you setup this integration on your side, for free. Just write to

For help content owner, who would like to use emerDNS for IPFS DNSLink, I offering to share/donate 0.01EMC for free, for each request. Just send request with your EMC address to (500 donation max). This 0.01EMC is enough to create more than 5 DNS Links within emerDNS.

To clarify:
I do not trying to sell you anything. I just propose reliable and mature technology to IPFS community for free. And even apply here my time and my money (reasonable amount).

I hope, with this integration, IPFS will have reliable and cheap DNS system!

Oleg Khovayko,
Emercoin CTO.

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this is a Fantastic opportunity for all

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