Filecoin Naming and IPNS UCAN Evolution

I’m capturing some discussions had at #labweek22 around naming.

For Filecoin, I talked to @stebalien & Melanie. The goal is to have decentralized naming services on the Filecoin chain natively.

There are roughly three ways to do this:

(1) Work with IETF to get protocol support

Just like the .onion special use domain name, we look to get a chain related special use.

This would be a good project to perhaps work with CASA, and with @dietrich’s browsers & standards team. We’d want to look for other partners to work with and work on this over time.

We would then do a draft RFC and start working through the process.

(2) Buy a TLD at ICANN

Look for an existing TLD to purchase and/or start the process for suggesting and buying a new TLD.

This might be appropriate for a request for startup, and would be connected commercially regulated businesses. This isn’t appropriate for protocol inclusion like the IETF path, but does give a lot of control over an entire TLD.

(3) Buy a domain name at ICANN

@boris and @cake have a couple of FIL related domain names purchased. This would mean allocating subdomains. This could be done very quickly for prototyping.

IPNS Evolution

For IPNS, there are a couple of ideas around #ucan and Whocan that I’ll link to as well. These can move faster as they don’t need to rely on Filecoin developments, but the systems should be designed with each other in mind.

Main problem to solve here is delegating publishing rights to other keypair (and/or find other ways to mitigate “IPNS link rot” when original publisher is gone).


probably an honest omission but you forgot the only RFC-1035 decentralized DNS EmerDNS
probably heard about with the .coin saga but it’s actually from 2013 alive and very well and support IPFS
truly censorship-resistant unlike all the ones you mentioned and (configure any server) to resolve both blockchain domains and ICANN at once.

please stop seeing ethereum as the entire world because it fell to less than friendly hands and censorship will on;ly get worst.
good day sir

multiple proposals were made yet no one answers. It’s your loss in the end to have censorable (not)domaines → something that can’t ping is not a true domain, sorry not sorry. RTFM

can we occupy .local .local - Wikipedia