Go-ipfs - CORS - connect from file://?

I’m building an app using Electron and Vue (quasar).
In dev mode it get’s served from a simple server, but in production mode, it gets loaded from file://.
One of my pages uses the http-client to connect to the bundled go-ipfs so it can load images, video etc.

Everything works fine in dev mode, as I have code that adds localhost:port to the ipfs config. But, when I run under production, the connections are refused and I can’t seem to figure out any way to get it to work (using cors configuration at least).

Is there any way to do this? If not, is this something worth fixing in ipfs itself? Or, am I going to have to modify my setup to always run from a local server?

My app for reference, or in case anyone is interested…

I figured it out.
My solution was to switch from using the http-client as such:
ipfsClient({ host: ‘localhost’, port: ‘5001’, protocol: ‘http’ })
and it connects now.

Tested your app.
Does not connect