Go-ipfs in Electron with ipfsd-ctl


I have an issue in electron app.

I’m spinning up an ipfsd-ctl server and connecting to it with single controller.

Also I established “remote” option to false.
And I keep getting error

With “remote” option to true I have another issues with “Bad Requests” for Http.

Any thought?

Btw, this error occurs only in production env.
Everything works perfectly fine in dev env.


I did a thing: when BrowserWindow is started
It needs to be started with nodeIntegration: true
And it solves the issue

btw, to check logs from electron I’m using electron-log - npm

Okay at this point it’ll be my thread of solving this problem

I think it’ll be useful for anyone with the same bug in the future, so I’ll explain all my steps here

If you think you can help - please help
After nodeIntegraion: true I got another issue, which is here:

Okay, it seems I solved it

This screenshot is from ipfs-desktop repo. Here you can see what ipfsBin path should be

Without this, I think this problem is pretty much unsolvable