IPFS Station electron app

Hi guys. I am implementing a web app that will use ipfs as it’s storage and content distribution.

To have it go to mass market, regular users would have the need to easily install an ipfs node to hold their content as it spreads through the network, and possibly seed some content that they like as well.

Right now the only possibility is through go-ipfs, at least that I am aware of, and that makes it well over the head of a regular user of my app.

I got to find an interesting app on github called ‘ipfs-station’, which was almost making me jump of happiness but realised that it is not maintained anymore since last year, and crashes all the time…

Is there any other alternative to solve this that I am missing out?

Do you guys have plans for that ‘ipfs-station’ app? Do you need help developing it and getting it further?

Please point me in the right direction, so that I can be of help as well and we all sail this one together…

hi prc,

with electron you can use js-ipfs but actully we have and issue with electron-app (https://github.com/ipfs/js-ipfs/issues/843) you can contribute if how to solve that. And personnaly i work on electron app to create a GUI around IPFS : Telescop https://github.com/josselinchevalay/telescope/tree/master/, i found somebody would to be help to improve and develop (with me).
if you wish i can share screenshots of my works.

Hi there! Upon request from the last IPFS all hands, I’ve written notes on how to use IPFS in electron today! You can find them at:

Hope they are useful and that answer some of your questions :slight_smile:


cool i will try that soon =) thx a lot

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Hi all! Just wanted to share an update here. @hacdias just pushed a ton of work and gave IPFS Station a new look + bug features and some new features. It is a really good example of using Electron with IPFS. Check it out at: