IPFS Chrome Extension - Inspiration

Hi all!

My partner and I learned more about IPFS and built a chrome extension (concept) for managing MFS IPFS in your browser (for normal users that don’t know a ton about decentralized stack). Just wanted to post it here for inspiration and ideas.

We probably won’t continue the project, as we are design heavy – just trying to think through how we can present more of these technologies to normal internet users.

Wanted to say NICE WORK to the IPFS team and community, we love where this is going and would love to see things continue to expand and be adopted. Y’all rock.

You can check out the project overview here:


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you project seems very intresting ! do you have a github repository or a poc ?


Hi Josselin,

You can find our hackathon code below. Please note that it is very messy, as we were just trying to get a working UI for the concept demo!

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I think a code cleanup, and adding some pinning functionality would probably make it worth using as an MVP. Would also love to add support for different file types, and clean up the decoding / encoding stuff.


i see quickly your code. So you need a ipfs daemon installed on your desktop to use your extension exemple : siderus orion.
without that you cannot persist on IPFS if i understand ?

actually i work also on ipfs client looks like siderus i’m very intresting to test if your extension works with my approach :thinking:

also i think stash blog post or web page can be very intresting. What do you think about that ?


Yes, it should work on any IPFS node. You can configure the port in the config. I’d love to see your client – do you have a link?

We started to build a marketing page at ipfsstash.com - but it was only for the hackathon.


after change this line for use the good port seems work :+1: