Telescop : your tool to observe IPFS

Hi All,

Since a while i’m works on electron app to help users to manage ipfs ressource : Telescop. My case is simple to help user to store changes in ipfs with a local wysiwyg application. For the moment it’s prototype but you can :

  • Add ressource on IPFS networks.
  • Share current or old version of your ressource on IPFS.
  • See your history.
  • Revert on oldest version.
  • See your peerId (useless :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Actually i have somes bugs (again …) but i’m very intresting by your feedback and your help if you want :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the README of my application or you will be able to find gif of command it works :

So my application look like wallet for your IPFS hash (CID) with history and others things.

Star, Fork, comment, issue and help are welcome.



Check also

Maybe we can help each other :slight_smile:

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Sure ! let me know how ^^ ?

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I have some problems related to the size of the app, and the speed. I would like to build the react components and reduce the size of the actual Electron app.

Here is the board that you can use if you want to contribute as well :slight_smile:

about that you cannot use js-ipfs on electron-app see that For i use ipfsd-ctl works fine :

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