Grokking /api/v0/get

From reading the documentation there are the output and archive arguments; both of which seem non-operational.

output can not be implemented by a server based API.

archive (TAR) seems to be always true, unless compress is set and then the generated output is just the compressed version of that TAR.

For us non-*nix coders can you point us to TAR spec that is being used and what fields are being set.

What’s interesting is that both archive=false and archive=true result in a tar file, but they aren’t the same. So archive is doing something.

For example (on mac):

mac:~ jevestobs$ curl "http://localhost:5001/api/v0/get?arg=/ipfs/QmbQDovX7wRe9ek7u6QXe9zgCXkTzoUSsTFJEkrYV1HrVR&archive=true" > a; file a; md5 a
a: POSIX tar archive
MD5 (a) = 3397579314482f14865bb6c794c7c92a
mac:~ jevestobs$ curl "http://localhost:5001/api/v0/get?arg=/ipfs/QmbQDovX7wRe9ek7u6QXe9zgCXkTzoUSsTFJEkrYV1HrVR&archive=false" > b; file b; md5 b
b: POSIX tar archive
MD5 (b) = fe184686e5891678e9c76d8b154f9d76

I don’t know how output is supposed to be used.

I did try looking for an API get example in the sharness tests, but didn’t see any for me to pull example usage from.

@leerspace Thanks for the research. Perhaps one of the IPFS devs could provide some answers?