Help regarding ipfs cat CID waiting too long to show the content which I added through ipfs example


I am new to ipfs and very interested it. I was currently playing around the official example at and I also started an ipfs daemon from terminal. I encountered below issue which I don’t think it’s right so I need help.

First, I add data to IPFS from the browser and then the example show the content’s CID is QmYb6NEo6CwAzCqY5UNMMUavvtDmBtgHY3QR65oP8JnKPP

Second, I use command line “ipfs cat QmYb6NEo6CwAzCqY5UNMMUavvtDmBtgHY3QR65oP8JnKPP” and the command executed forever.

From what I have learned from doc, it should return the content. Am I missing something? The example is using “ipfs”: “^0.50.1”,

check and see if there’s anything in the logs…
(this below is a link to the #ipfs-log part of the docs)

You may need to set the debug level to DEBUG and try again.

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thanks for the information. I didn’t find any useful information though.

However, I found it might due to the VPN I am using, sometime the ipfs cat work sometime not. I will try again in a better network env.

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