Upload a file into ipfs and retrieve the CID using JS:

But when i go to ipfs.io/ipfs/CID, it want me to go through the whole directory to get to the uploaded file: the code is:-

const IPFS = require("ipfs");

async function main() {
  const node = await IPFS.create();
  const version = await node.version();

  console.log("Version:", version.version);

  const fileAdded = await node.add({
    path: "FILE_PATH",
    content: "DESCRIPTION",

  console.log("Added file:", fileAdded.path, fileAdded.cid);



this code gives me the CID of my uploaded file, so why does it giving me whole directory when i want to look up my file on browser,
for example if file path is :: home/A/B/1.png
then when i go to ipfs.io/ipfs/CID,
it takes me to ipfs, and there is a folder home,
when i go in home, there is a folder A then B and then 1.png and after clicking on 1.png, I can see my file. But i want to look up to my file directly.

IPFS always returns the root of all files when you add by a folder like that. Your actual file should be available at something address like [CID]/A/B/1.png

oh, but i’m actually unable to view my file that i uploaded,
like this is the cid ipfs.io/ipfs/QmVhKKnojNWPa5Lza3qnVE5PJTgaBWjTAMS8JpsgZane9L of a file that i uploaded, but my file(image file that i uploaded) is not visible there after goin to [CID]/A/B/1.png

The data in that IPFS file is 5 bytes of text: “Image”. :slight_smile: I think either you accidentally have a text file named “3.png”, or more likely issue is a typo on your upload code causing it to stream the text “Image” instead of the actual file data.

it’s like to add content along with path, so i’m unable to make the changes in code as i’m uploading an image…