Help Wanted: upgrading dependencies for js-ipfs

Hello! We have a need and opportunity for engineers to help with updating the JS libraries to the new multiformat v11. This new version has a breaking change that changes the return type of link.toJSON. This means we have to do a couple days of tedious work across almost all libraries and packages, since everything uses this and the CID class. Dependabot will open PRs, but if we wait for it, then it’ll take 4+ days for the relevant PRs to appear; and because of the breaking change, everything needs to be updated in lockstep. The place to start helping with this work is js-ipfs; check out the project and use npm to look at the dependencies and update things.

This particular ask is a short-term need; @achingbrain plans to have the dependency fully updated across everything by Monday, 2023-01-09. However, this is definitely not the last time that lots of dependencies will need to be updated, and it is helpful and important to have more engineers than just @achingbrain be capable of doing this kind of work.

Interested in helping with this kind of thing? Reply to this topic, or jump into GitHub and start learning about (and contributing to) the project!