HOP_CANT_SPEAK_RELAY error in IPFS Private network

Hello everyone, we got an error and are looking for your help.

We are setting up IPFS Private network with one replay server and 2 PCs (sharing the same swarm.key)

On relay server, we did
Swarm.RelayService.Enabled) => true
Swarm.RelayClient.Enabled) => false

On 2 PCs behind NAT (+ turned of firewall too), we did
Swarm.RelayService.Enabled) => false
Swarm.RelayClient.Enabled) => true

Server: 12D3KooWR9zzY5ZZnKyvwm5cKTxexPFQ4DZCypAtqZ1sHDm2GtqP
PC1: 12D3KooWGD5myqbSM1YQp7Sb3ot4UCAAF7wiEwcN24xC8B8pNJxe

On PC1 we do

ipfs ping /ip4/

Here is the error we got: HOP_CANT_SPEAK_RELAY, please help

Full error message:


Ping error: failed to dial 12D3KooWFg9ApLqQiTdkaGhgFNTWFsiRMCSDGCQgZ1RuBwSMXAmS:

  • [/ip4/] error opening relay circuit: HOP_CANT_SPEAK_RELAY (270)

Error: ping failed