Host website,do I MUST run ipfs daemon at my local server?

I want to migrate our website e-shop to ipfs,if I must run a ipfs daemon at my server and use sdk(our web use python)to connect to ipfs nerwork?

To let anybody reach some content on IPFS, that content must be at least on one peer in the network. Multiple peers with multiple pieces could work as well, but it has to be available.

When you download something, it is stored temporarily on your node. Once it is on your node it is shared back to other peers if they need it. If you have the garbage collector activated, it will disappear from your store. You can prevent this by pinning the IPFS hash on the device, so it doesn’t get deleted.

TL;DR: Yes, you need a peer to share something in the network. Maybe you don’t own it, maybe you do, but somebody must have it.

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it is very clear, thank you very much, I am going to run myself node.