Command Line IPFS Daemon - Help

I have learnt how to initiate IPFS on windows 10 command line.
I type ipfs daemon and then I take it the node is now running.

I then turn on the web UI on the localhost - chrome.

My question is when I upload a file there and it has time to upload into the IPFS network do i need to have the web UI running on chrome for the files to be in the network?

Also when I upload my file on the network will it disappear if I accidentally delete them on my web UI if I have had them in the network for like a week?

Thank you in advance. Very new and really want to learn

You do not upload anything to “the network”. You store it on your local IPFS daemon and make it available to the network, so that anyone can download it from you.

If you stop your daemon, or delete your file, and no one else has downloaded and store their own copy, it will disappear.

You don’t need to keep the web UI running for your files to be available on the network, just your daemon.

Thank you sir.

I have learnt something new today!