File not getting published

I have ipfs command line tools in ubuntu, just istalled few days ago with apt

i used it to publish files and folder with ipns and worked great
now i wanted just one file published seperately but it wont come online.
do i need to type some other command after the add ? it does return the hash correcltly.
i do not want this file to be inside the folder i created previously.

So if you can do an add and get the hash, what command are you running that makes you say ‘it won’t come online’?

i can add and get the hash
but when i go to
it cannot find the file, even after 3 days

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The most likely reason is that your machine where you uploaded into is unreachable, or at least was unreachable by ‘’ at the time ‘’ got the request for the file, and started looking for it. In other words normally this kind of problem is network related.

More details:
I have ipfs daemon running in the background, another tab of konsole.
I have added the file and can cat it, but when I open the web console at port 5001 and click files, it still shows empty!
i can try to add the same file again, it shows the same id:
ipfs add test.jpg
added QmNPpRf… test.jpg
65.73 KiB / 65.73 KiB [===================================================================] 100.00%

Network status shows traffic and 154 peers.

What could be wron ? I already sent that id forwad so it’s important that i get it working! please help

I don’t know what konsole is or what “web console” means. First questions:

  1. what is the exact url you are entering?
  2. what are you entering it into (what browser)?
  3. can that same browser link work with any other CIDs?

I found it a bit wired but after I send the link on Telegram and the non-published found.

Konsole is the linux command line, and web console is the console you can open from
the web console does not show the added files

  2. firefox on the same machine or other machine in the same networ, internet connection works fine
  3. sure, it can find my old links that i created with this gui
    github .com/ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-desktop#install
    i closed down the gui because with it you cannot add ipns folder and it didn’t come with command line tools.
    then installed command line ipfs and started it’s daemon on another tab of Konsole.

i can stop the daemon and still add files, the command line result is the same and seems the same.
So the daemon does not see see my added files or connects tries to read the repo from the wrong place.
I can see the folder in ~/.ipfs

I stumbled onto your question b/c I was having a similar problem. For me it was indeed as @wclayf said, that the machine was unreachable. That is: the server was running, but the port was blocked. Had to go into AWS and open up port 4001 before any of my files were actually retrievable. Fixed instantly.

TCP 4001 — This is the primary port that your IPFS node will use to communicate to other IPFS nodes

This may not be your problem, but I hope it helps.

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