Hosting Provider warning of Poor IPFS network behaviour

I know this was discussed years ago… but seems to be a current issue.

My hosting provider warned me about server behavior (network abuse and port scanning). threatening to shut the server if not corrected.

I have setup the “server” profile, but I still see a lot of traffic out trying to reach private addresses, despite the server setup.

generally speaking I see a lot of traffic for my use case, this IPFS server has a small set of pins and all of them are in “pinned” state, so I am not sure why there is so much traffic.

What is the recommended setup for been regarded as a nice data-center citizen?

After reviewing the github repository, when running IPFS from docker it is possible to setup the “server profile” with the following environment variable:


However this seems to affect only to profile initialization.

If you container is already running, it is possible to switch profile by executing the following command from within the IPFS container:

ipfs config profile apply server

no, that only edits the config, you need to restart the daemon after doing any config change.

thanks for the clarification