Kubo Doker Triggers Netscan Warning with Server Profile


It is the second time I get kicked out of Hetzner for scanning private networks,

However this time my Kubo on docker, and part of a Swarm, has the following environment variable set:

"Env": [

How is it possible?

How can I check if my IPFS container is scanning private networks?

No that his issue was triggered again after updating the container to latest version:

ipfs/kubo           v0.16.0             62fc0fdaaa40        5 weeks ago         96.3MB

I wonder whether this is a regression

I’m guessing that variable only has effect for ipfs init. You should check that at least the Hetzner LAN is included in Swarm/AddrFilters, in your ipfs daemon config.

The best is that you run ipfs config profile apply server. If you want to inspect the changes that would be done, ipfs config profile apply --dry-run server.

This is a known regression in v0.16.0, Daemon ignores filters and trigger NetScan abuse · Issue #8585 · ipfs/kubo · GitHub

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