How about a new Docker-Compose example for setting up Cluster?

The current quick start compose file is for running 3 nodes all on one machine.
I think I’ve got most of it worked out but I’d love to see an example compose file for a distributed node setup (3 hosts, geo separated). I’m concerned that there are some gotchas that I’m not aware of that would be evident with an example.

The differences would be that you should have the prospective nodes addressed in bootstrapping of cluster. If you know their respective addresses then those are in your list of nodes to bootstrap. Remember that this will be IPNS address not DNS.


the docker-compose.yml is provided for illustration purposes and trying things out, but it is my understanding that with docker-swarm and potentially placement constraints, you can just deploy to multiple hosts (Docker-compose: deploying service in multiple hosts - Stack Overflow).

We are working in having good Kubernetes support though, to make cluster deployments very easy.

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Any ETA on when the Kubernetes version will be ready?

This is very alpha and does not quite work yet, but anyone interested should follow GitHub - redhat-et/ipfs-operator