Latest current working ipfs cluster kubernetes setup?


I have been trying to set up ipfs and ipfs-cluster in kubernetes to deploy to each node. My contraints are, I have non-uniform drives, and I want ipfs to manage the problem of storing data all around my server cluster. I would also like my applications to work using a fuse drive. So, where ever a resource is, when it is requested, it should be served transparently.

This has been really difficult to configure properly. I’m pretty sure that I need it to work within the kubernetes cluster, so I must configure it correctly.

I have tried helm charts:
helm repo add truecharts
helm install my-ipfs truecharts/ipfs --version 0.0.10

And rewriting the example docker-compose:

And the guide here:

Made me really uncertain because the monaparty work required kustomize tool to install the ipfs and a lot of it seems out of date for some reason.

This is confusing because there are about six different helm charts for ipfs and the helm charts don’t suit my case because I have a need for multiple nodes and to use cluster. I don’t know what does work, but I was pretty convinced that the docker compose would work. The problem is that the swarm works differently than the kubernetes, so I don’t think even a single cluster process is able to find the ipfs (proper non-cluster) companion process. I don’t know how to configure the kubernetes config so that it will properly allow both the containers within a pod on a node to find each other or among other nodes within the kubernetes cluster.

Could anybody please help me with this?

I think Kubernetes does not support multicast so there is no magic autodiscovery of the cluster swarm.

Unfortunately I don’t have more up-to-date code or examples. I’m always interested in hearing whether someone has successfully made just setup.