IPFS on Kubernetes

I am trying to deploy one IPFS node on kubernetes. At the moment I have been capable of spinning up a node, and if I am using an Ingress, I can even access the gateway…

but, as I am using a NodePort Service and Ingresses (for the gateway) I can’t ping or connect directly to the node. Probably I should customise somehow IPFS to use the k8s-assigned Service port but I still have to play with it!

Has anybody already accomplished to deploy correctly IPFS on kubernetes?
I will try my best to publish some manifests when I have time, but if somebody already did that it would be cool!

I’ve invited Yuvi Panda who can hopefully help answer your question, I know they have some experience with IPFS + Kubernetes :slight_smile: Possibly, @FrankPetrilli, @dgrisham or @ZenGround0 from GH could answer as well.

Thank you! :slight_smile:
I saw the git repository but it is using a different Docker image, and also it is not providing any service.
I tried to build it using a Service with NodePort configured, but when I try to connect from remote to the IP_NODE:NodePort (using the correct notation) it was not working, even if k8s was processing the Service correctly… The only idea I had is to manually change the configuration for IPFS to listen to the NodePort used, but it is not the best way IMHO.

The HTTP Gateway works perfectly anyway.

Will have a more detailed reply later but wanted to link to https://github.com/kubernetes/charts/pull/1192 which should make it easier to install ipfs on kubernetes. I haven’t added an ingress there yet but should do soon!

I am not super versed in how ipfs works yet - can you tell me what you mean by connect ‘directly’?

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I mean: if I want to connect directly from another IPFS node by running the command line ipfs swarm connect, the connection is not established.

Hey guys!
Almost 3 years later, I am attempting the same on federated cluster with 2 or more member k8s clusters. Has anyone been able to achieve this use-case or similar?

I also want to understand communication between IPFS clusters (obviously, in separate k8s clusters)