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I’m a new member to this forum and I’m trying to understand at one point I’ll be able to post one of my own questions here. I can’t seem to be able to to do that now.


Same here :smiley:
What can i do to post my own questions? :smiley:

New users can post questions I think. At least I don’t see anything in the setting suggesting otherwise.

What is the best way to run ipfs cluster in kubernetes? I’ve seen the support article, but it seems to talk about an out of date helm chart and I feel uncertain about the guide.

Suppose I have non-uniform storage (non-identical drives). Can ipfs make use of storage just however it is available? I don’t care which fill up first, so long as I can present a single FUSE folder to my other docker applications and keep adding storage. Right now, I’ve found lots of different confusing resources for deploying ipfs and ipfs cluster.