Running IPFS Cluster on Azure or Digital Ocean Kubernetes fails

I was able to successfully run an IPFS Cluster on my local machine using minikube but following the same instructions/steps per this article does not apparently work for Kubernetes on Azure or Digital Ocean. I keep getting the following error message:

What am I doing wrong or missing? Thanks.

Hi @Arash, I actually knows very little about K8s, it is still a mystery for me. But looking at the tutorial you followed, and the error message, I am guessing the issue might be in mounting a volume to the K8s nodes?

From the article:
" When deploying in Minikube based cluster the persistent volumes which created in the /data directory will be created inside Minikube . This /data directory need to have read write permissions."

Are you on slack, please find me, I am keen to collaborate on this one. :slight_smile:

Hi JenksGuo

Thanks for the reply and for offering your help. What is your slack id to reconnect and resume this conversation?

@Jenks please, you will find me quite easily