How can download lotus?

2020-01-11T14:38:09.456+0800 WARN build build/paramfetch.go:85 checksum mismatch in param file /var/tmp/filecoin-proof-parameters/v20-stacked-proof-of-replication-e99a585174b6a45b254ba4780d72c89ad808c305c6d11711009ade4f39dba8e9.params, 9ebb3ace52b26191312d7dc7b1fe9587 != b53c1916a63839ec345aa2224e9198b7

You’ll probably want to go to the filecoin discussion board if there is one, or the filecoin slack.

I have had this issue, and there seems to be any number of possible reasons such as:

  • Invalid version of lotus (make sure you are on v0.1.6)
  • Janky internet connections
  • Improperly downloaded data
  • Previously existing checksum data
  • Unknown

If you are still having issues, I maintain a docker image for the lotus node (non miner nodes) here that you can try running. If you need a copy of the checksum params I might be able to add the one I use to IPFS and send you the link.