How do I retrieve a folder?

ipfs get doesn’t work, I can’t list the contents of the folder either, anything I attempt to do with the hash of the folder just stalls, unless I use the webui, in which case it’ll show me the contents of the folder.

Also how is it that this project’s been in development for 3 years and there’s barely any instructions and the only tutorial is a short one on how to upload files?

you are not alone documentation seems scarce, where are you running it?

Running it from the command prompt and the webUI. I can retrieve an individual file but it won’t let me retrieve the entire folder.

There could be something wrong with the directory. Would you be comfortable sharing the hash for the directory that you’re having problems with?

If not, how was the IPFS directory created?

edit: also, what version of IPFS are you using?

Not sure which version but it should be the latest since I just downloaded go-ipfs yesterday.

I’m trying to test with this directory of images: QmVbCbGE39kSpgwX33j3s5XiidgFaY8SdE23VBqtbf8rgc

I’m able to retrieve the individual images in this folder but I can’t retrieve the entire folder all at once, or even list its contents.

I was able to download the entire directory locally using ipfs get QmVbCbGE39kSpgwX33j3s5XiidgFaY8SdE23VBqtbf8rgc without any issues.

Are you getting any errors from the daemon when you try to run the command?

How many peers are you connected to? You can see which peers you’re connected to using ipfs swarm peers. If you’re on linux, you can use ipfs swarm peers | wc -l to count the number of peers you’re connected to.