How often should I re-run ipfs dht provide _____ to keep files available?

If I have an ipfs node running and announce to the network that I have some content pinned to my machine via “ipfs dht provide hash key”, how long will the network be aware that my node is providing this content?

I’ve noticed that after a few days, “ipfs dht findprovs same hash I provided earlier” returns nothing. Does terminating the ipfs daemon sort of “erase” that announcement? I would love to read a detailed explaination of DHT, it seems like black magic at the moment.


go-ipfs has a mechanism called reprovider which is supposed do handle providing content over time for you. There are some problems with how it works currently:

  • It’s only running a single provide query, and each query can take a significant amount of time (10-60s)
  • By default it’s providing all blocks in the blockstore, which is less than optimal

We are working on improving provider subsystem -, this should also address some reprovider issues.

For now what I’d recommend doing is to change Reprovider.Strategy in .ipfs/config to roots (to only reprovide pin roots) or pinned (to provide all pinned blocks).

I’d recommend using the roots strategy and pinning all blocks you think users will try to access directly.

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