How to add a list of CIDs to my IPFS node?

I have a list of CIDs (4,000 of them) that I uploaded to and now I wish to import them to my own IPFS node. What is the easiest way to do this in bulk? I checked the ipfs add command but seems like I can only add one file (not CID) at a time.

Create a script that calls “ipfs pin add” for each CID on your list, it will get each “tree” from the network and pin it locally. Now, if you have a CID that points to all your other CIDs, just pin that one instead.

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Thanks so much. You mentioned " a CID that points to all your other CIDs" and I googled it but no joy. How could I achieve that? Any reference is appreciated.

Instead of uploading a bunch of separate files or folders 1 by 1, make 1 big folder containing all of them and upload that. You’ll get just 1 CID that contains it all, even if you later distribute separate CIDs for each discrete file/folder.

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I’d process them one at a time using something like this, to read them…

Because if you try to run the ENTIRE ‘import’ (pinning) all one operation that seems sketchy to me. Something might go wrong, or run out of resources. I’d rather be doing them one at a time and also echoing each one on the command line to watch the progress.

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