How to bulk copy/paste hashes of files in ipfs-desktop

If we use ipfs-desktop to look at a folder of files we are pinning, how can we easily copy all the hashes of the files in that folder, so that we can later on paste or share them elsewhere? This seems to be an issue with the electron interface.

At the moment, if you use the tick box to “select all”, a pop-up appears with a “Share” option, and it provides a hash for all the selected files. You can also select individual files from the folder, and the “Share option” will provide a hash for those you selected. But you might not want to share all the files (as there are too many to up/download) or know which hashes would be needed. It might be good to be able to share the hashes anyway.

How can we copy/paste?

Sounds like opening feature request might help: .

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