How to create a browsable, tagged, IPFS archive of media

Members of a community with a shared interest might like to make their digital archive available to others using IPFS.

Dumping the archive into ipfs-desktop would work but it wouldn’t help with:

  • tagging
  • announcing new content
  • summarizing the categories of content
  • providing a landing page for visitors

What would be a good way to make use of the recent advances in IPFS to help communities easily maintain and share their archives?

Since many would be managing their archives from home, would there be a good way to keep the home IP address private?

Are there any native IPFS metadata / tagging tools available?

Here are some tools that might be useful:


This would be impossible. As a peer-to-peer system, libp2p and IPFS by extension rely heavily on the ability to establish direct connections to peers. This means that every Kubo node (which is used by IPFS Desktop) announces their public IP as part of the peer record so that other peers can establish a connection.

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Could there not be a proxy? For example, a remote VPS that pulls the files stored on the disk at the home/office?

Yep. Use Tailscale to privately connect to the private interface of a publicly hosted node eg on Digital Ocean or Vultr or whatever.

@walkah uses a similar setup.