How to use IPFS to search for meta-tagged IPTC, MWG, EXIF content

Hi all,

I am a newbie to IPFS, so would appreciate some guidance with regards to the following question I have to ask. Lately I’ve been intensively using ExifTool to tag image files like jpg, png etc. The most commonly used meta-tags are IPTC and MWG. So once a collection of meta-tagged content is formed, the next stage is how to share it with like-minds so we could search and exchange from each other’s collections. The shared content could be anything like screenshots from a book that’s just come out or pages from an electronic paper that can be openly purchased. So some discretion of the copyrights must be in place to ensure the privacy of the parties involved in the exchange. So I am curious how IPFS can help to facilitate such an exchange.

Thanks in advance for thoughtful responses.