Idea: IPFS tool for screenshot annotation and sharing

I have an idea for an ipfs tool! What if there were an extension I could download (ex companion) that let me take screenshots, automatically uploaded them to ipfs, and copied the IPFS link for me to paste somewhere (like in a doc comment). Even better if I could do light-weight annotation over the image before grabbing the hash so I could add circles/arrows/etc.

I think most of the implementation would be pretty trivial, the outstanding question is how to persist the img without letting random people see it (ex if it’s from a doc I want to stay private to people I share the link with). Maybe orgs can clone and run it with their own IPFS cluster? I had a similar tool before and it’s SO SO useful for explaining concepts or discussing bugs/mocks/anything visual. Curious if anyone has tried to do this or has other ideas on what the challenges would be.


Here’s the script i use, hopefully it’s helpful.

Thanks! I installed it and gave it a try (from but unfortunately I can’t get any of my screenshots to show up on the gateway even when running ipfs-screencap -p -c. Known issue, or am I using it wrong somehow?