How to create a shared folder on IPFS?

Hey guys i want to allow users to upload files to a shared folder of files, what would be the best way to do this using IPFS?

I want to also require users to have permission to add to the folder, (ie owning an nft on the cardano blockchain).

MFS (Mutable File System) is the way to store files like this, but IPFS itself doesn’t have any concept of ownership of any of the files. It would be up to the application to know which directories it wants to accept (as valid) using something like a digital signature somewhere to prove who wrote the file, or even encryption to be sure only those with the key can view the files unencrypted.

So, IPFS can store any data you want, and anyone can create new folders that extend previously existing folders (adding to them, etc), but all the data is always public and visible to everyone.

One random link, but you can google IPFS MFS.

thank you! I hadn’t heard of this, I’ll check this out, looks very helpful! Take care :slight_smile:

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