How to set Kubo on a RPi to an attached storage?

How to set Kubo on a RPi/Ubuntu to an attached storage/SSD?

First, I’ve tried to change “Datastore”: { { "mounts": [ { "child": { "path": "/<NEWPATH>"}, but I ended up with…

Error: datastore configuration of ‘{“mounts”:[{...}’ does not match what is on disk ‘{“mounts”:[{...}

Then, I tried ipfs config Datastore.Path <newpath>, and it ended up with…

~$ ipfs swarm peers
Error: old style datatstore config detected

I also tried to simply move the entire ./ipfs folder to the SSD, but when I try “ipfs daemon”, I get a…

Error: no IPFS repo found in /home/<ORIGINAL>/.ipfs.
please run: 'ipfs init

I also get the same error above if I try to run ipfs init directly from the SSD.

Thanks in advance for the help :pray:t4:

I’m going to close this as duplicate to How to update the storage location? and answering there.

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