How to share file that uploaded from remote node as soon as possible?

ipfs node A is on ec2 and ipfs node B is on slate or pinata.

when A upload some file to ipfs other nodes can be shared that file. but delay is exist.

So how to share files fast between nodes?

Do you mean how do other servers know when a new file exists?, or do you mean how to transfer the fastest way possible?

I mean transfer fastest way.

When node A upload a file then node B should be check this a few seconds later.

I think the short answer to that is that IPFS doesn’t provide a way to notify when uploads happen. Your software will need to have it’s own way of communicating.

But if you do have two servers you run, and you want them to communicate you could look into libp2p and/or IPFS PubSub.

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Thank you for reply

but installing libp2p on pinata node is impossible I think… right?

A prerequisite for installing libp2p is do I have to own the ipfs nodes?

Right, that’s why I said those (libp2p and PubSub) obviously only apply to servers you run.

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